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The backbone of The Gym is made up of writers pushing themselves to dig deeper into their work and finish their drafts. Writers can bring in ten pages of work each week, and get feedback if they so choose. They can also pitch a story they are developing. "Pitching" is a skill that all writers must master, using the audience at The Gym to hone that skill is a wonderful aspect of The Gym for writers. We ask that you cast your readings from The Gym members, however, writers are permitted to bring in guest readers for that session (should you not be able to cast the role out of The Gym).  This also a provides a wonderful opportunity for our actors to practice their cold reading techniques. 


*we are not accepting any new writing submissions at this time. 

We seek writers who write specifically, visually & film-able works with full understanding of formatting, set ups & payoffs, have a unique p.o.v and write dialogue that is driven by need.

Image by Daniel McCullough
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