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Auditions take precedence at The Gym. We want our actors to be working.  Rehearsing auditions at The Gym, gives an actor an invaluable opportunity to get constructive criticism before going in for or submitting to casting directors. Auditions will always be the first acting pieces we work on in every session. Focus always centers around the big picture: creating relationships, not "booking" jobs.


Character interviews, private moment exercises, improvisations, are all designed to give an actor a deeper understanding of their role.  When you are a member of The Gym, your time on stage is yours to do whatever you need to do in order to truly grow, in front of an audience, exercises of all kinds included. 


Truly the only way an actor gets better is by working. Actors are encouraged to find partners and put scenes of their choice on their feet. While this is not a scene study class,  and you won't be assigned scenes or partners, being proactive about scene study is the best way for an actor to get the most out of The Gym.

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